Today, I welcomed visitors from the Embassy of Israel to Kenya in Machakos County. The partnership is a cooperative effort between the First Lady’s office of the Republic of Kenya, the Embassy of Israel and the KKL – JNF Israel. Our objective is to catalyze environmental restoration and preservation through strategic initiatives and partnerships.
Together, we aim to bolster biodiversity, enhance climate resilience, and promote socially and environmentally responsible enterprises. Our efforts, under the Zara Project, will contribute to ecological sustainability, poverty reduction, and economic development, while mitigating the effects of climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Aligned with the Kenyan government’s vision of achieving 10% forest cover by 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals on climate action, life on land, and sustainable communities, the Zara Project entails the establishment of a 15-hectare peri-urban indigenous tree forest near the new Machakos City.
This forest will consist of 5,000 trees of indigenous species that are sustainable for the region. By sourcing seedlings locally, we not only ensure a sustainable supply but also generate income for locals, particularly youth and women’s groups who will actively participate in the process. Additionally, we will create wildlife-friendly environments by establishing a bird-watching trail and installing birdhouses within the forest.
In line with our strategic governance priorities, which include food security, support for local businesses, job creation, environmental sustainability, enhanced service delivery, and improved citizen engagement, my government remains committed to driving positive change and making a lasting impact.

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