• A national leader in the management and development of sustainable water resources.


  • To contribute to county development by promoting and supporting water resource management to enhance safe water availability and accessibility for all


  • The department of Water, Irrigation, Environment and Natural resources is responsible for provision of safe water for domestic, industrial and irrigation use in the county.

Roles and Functions

  • To ensure equitable supply of quality water to the citizens of the county
  • To ensure access to sustainable, reliable and affordable water supply .
  • To improve the water services coverage to water users in the County
  • To strengthen governance in Water provision (WSPs) for sustainable provision of water services for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes.
  • To ensure the conservation of environment and combat effects of climatic change for sustainable development.
  • To establish pro-poor subsidy programs in poor resource settings (free water, quarter acre programme).


Investment Opportunities in the sector

Currently access to quality water is currently estimated at 30%.

Water Harvesting, Treatment & Bottling
This can can be done through construction of dams along permanent rivers like Athi, Tana,
Thika Rivers and numerous seasonal rivers and streams scattered across the county.
Drilling of shallow water wells and boreholes for use both at the sources and distribution

Treatment; purification, disinfection, desalination of saline water and monitoring
Iveti and Mua Hills springs have the potential to produce quality water for 
source bottling ventures. 

Water Storage, Supply and Distribution
Development of water storage capacity in form of construction and or supply of tanks,
earth dam linings and distribution of accessories such as pumps, pipes, generators, 
meters, etc.

Equipment such as metering devices or purification systems are crucial for the development
of the water sector.

Technological solution providers such software and solar power solutions providers 
are also among the target investment groups. 

Irrigation Schemes Development
The County is endowed with large tracts of fertile land mainly in Mwala, Yatta and 
Masinga Farmers mainly rely on unreliable rain fed agriculture predisposing them to 
low economic returns and food insecurity.
Great opportunities exist in irrigation for floriculture and horticulture for local 
and international markets by tapping water from rivers Tana, Athi, Thika and the 
numerous streams. 

Machakos County Hydrological Map
The Sewerage and Waste Water Management. Access to sewerage facilities is less than 10% in Machakos and Athi River towns. 

Investment opportunities are available for upgrading, designing, construction, management and maintenance of sewerage systems. 

Waste water recycling and reuse for agriculture, industry, household use and urban landscaping is also another avenue available for investors to explore.

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