The Homes of Sports. The Government of Machakos is the single largest investor in sport facilities. Our mission is to enhance opportunities for our youth to participate and excel in sport.

What is MACHAKOS Sports Policy?

Our sport policy allows youth and sports active people from all segments of society to get involved in sport activities at all levels and in all forms of participation. From childhood to adulthood, sport is part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Sport and Recreation

Sport and recreation are important sectors to the physical, emotional and economic well-being of our people. The department continues to champion participation in sport and recreation activities across the county. Participation in sport contributes to better health, provides role models for the pursuit of personal excellence, exemplifies the value of teamwork and builds community pride.

The department works collaboratively with the sport and recreation sector to promote, support, and increase opportunities for our people to participate in sport and recreation, from community playground to stadiums.

Youth Empowerment

At the heart of our efforts is building partnerships, initiatives, and attitude that prepare our young men and women to succeed as citizens, employees, sports, entrepreneurs, talent and change-makers. We envision a world where all young people achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence.  H.E. Governor Alfred Mutua envisions a world where all young people are inspired and equipped to realize the future they want – put it in a table.

We believe educated and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems. Our government in partnership with key stakeholders oversees a sustained coordinated action to harness the talent and potential of ever growing Machakos youth, now numbering over 1.5 million.

What We Do

Education and Employment

We are addressing the problem of skills gap by availing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and polytechnics to prepare young people to succeed in the jobs employers are seeking to fill.


We partner with key stakeholders to empower young people to succeed in self-employment, because we know that the global market can’t keep pace with the vast numbers of young people entering every year.

Social Innovation

We invest in young leaders who are tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues.



Name: Mwalakha M. Muniafu
Designation: Ag. Chief Officer – Youth and Sports
Mobile Phone: +254 722 100756
Email Address:

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