Today I made a development tour of Mwala sub county to assess progress on a number of projects that my county government is undertaking in the area.
Key among them being to modernize Masii town by ensuring that there’s no open ground in the town area.
On my direction, the roads department has immediately began works to cover all areas with cabroworks and cement.
It should be recalled that we are currently making our own cabro at the Machakos Carbro Making Plant.
The department will further ensure that Masii town is served with modern pavements, modern shades for mama mbogas, and parking areas outside shops and on selected areas.
I recognize that enhancing security naturally increases business growth in an area and that is why we are doing everything possible to see that the town grows into a reputable urban centre.
We are going to construct modern kiosks and increase street lighting in order to provide adequate lighting to ensure that business activities progress into early hours of the night.
Most parts of Machakos county have sparkling clean public toilets accessible to the public for free. We will immediately build similar ones at the matatu terminus. Further, we are going to build a modern bus park with sheds, and loading zones for transit vehicles.
We are setting aside the land adjacent to Masii Level 4 hospital to be used as a playground for children.
The hospital will also be expanded into a five-storey building so as to increase service delivery to our growing population.
It will host a registry, paediatric unit, casualty, amenity wing, male and female wards.
Mwala sub county will also have a state of the art sports facility. The Masii Stadium being constructed shall have a sports academy, changing rooms, VIP terraces and a modern restaurant.
The stadium already has a borehole in place. I expect the stadium to be completed by December this year.
Once ready, the nine stadiums being built across Machakos county shall make the county a regional sports hub which will be capable of hosting regional tournaments.

Dr. Alfred N. MUTUA, EGH
Governor of Machakos,
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader & 2022 Presidential Candidate.
February 24th, 2021

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