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The meeting was briefed on the resignations of senior government officials who are going into politics.
I accepted the resignations of :-
1. Mr. Mwengi Mutuse – Chief of Staff who is running for MP, Kibwezi West.
2. Dr. Ancent Kituku – Minister for Health and Emergency Services who is running for MP, Kangundo.
3. Mr. Lazarus Kivuva – Minister for Trade, Industrialization and Innovation who is running for MP, Yatta.
4. Mr. Jackson Muthini – Chief Officer, Water, Irrigation, Environment and Natural Resources who is running for MP, Masinga.
The office of the County Secretary has also received numerous resignation letters from other officers within Machakos Government who plan to vie for political offices.
I am very grateful for the service rendered by my officers and especially my brilliant Chief of Staff, Mwengi Mutuse, OGW and the hard working Ministers.
I am confident that they will succeed in their quests and I wish them well. I request all of us to support them in our own private ways.
The Cabinet also discussed several policies from the Ministries of Health, Youth and Social Welfare.
Due to the various resignations, I will be re-organizing my government to ensure efficient delivery of services and development. I will also be weeding out people who are lethargic and not serving the people of Machakos.
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EGH
9th Feb 2022

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