I have this afternoon made an impromptu visit to the Machakos Level 5 hospital, as we prepare for the launch of the Universal Health Coverage in December.
I am happy with the health care that my people are receiving. I however remain uncompromising on issues that provide comfort and quality treatment to patients and their guests.
In 2013, after I became Governor of Machakos, I banned the sharing of hospital beds by patients and provided enough beds and supporting infrastructure. NO ONE SHARES A HOSPITAL BED in any Machakos health facility.
During my inspection, I was surprised to see admitted patients with buckets and karais. This was confounding because the hospital had enough water and modern bathroom facilities. It could only mean the management was not working and some things had been left to rot.
I have BANNED the use of privately brought bathing pans and buckets by patients in Machakos health facilities. This ban also includes water buckets in toilets. Every health facility should have modern, clean and functioning taps, showers and toilets.
I give the ministry of health officials up to Friday next week to enact this directive. After that I will send non-compliance people home. The environment and quality of care of our patients in Machakos County must be and will be of first world standards.
I urge all Machakos residents to register and get their unique identifier CARD that will allow them access to the free health care during the pilot that begins on December 1, 2018. The UHC means that healthcare will be free from maternity, all outpatient, inpatients( surgeries included), all diagnostics, dialysis, ICU and even mortuary services.
To ensure we register as many residents as possible, in addition to the door to door household registration, I have asked my officers to set up registrations drives during market days across all sub counties, set up registration desks at public facilities like hospitals, police stations, places of worship and even supermarkets. We need our people to register and benefit from this program.
Our target remains to have all households in Machakos(about 316,000) registered by the end of year.
WE ARE READY! Medicines have been ordered from KEMSA, we have refurbished our health facilities and recruited more medical staff to handle the masses.
This UHC program will be a success in Machakos because we are committed to it’s success.
I once again thank H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta for this great program that will change lives for the people of Kenya. A great legacy.
Inawezekana Na itawezekana.



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