Damaris Mativo
Damaris Mativo

Agriculture and Food Security

Mwikali Muthoka

Co-operative Development and Marketing

Robert Maitha
Robert Maitha

County Administration and Decentralized Units

Lucas Mwove
Lucas Mwove​

Ag. Medical Services

Jackson Muthini

Water and Irrigation

Catherine Ngarachu

Finance and Revenue Collection

Jacinta Masila

County Treasury

CO John Muthama
John Kilonzo

Education and Skills Training

James Kathili

County Law Office

James Gutettah

Administration and Co-ordination

Catherine Mutwiwa

Project Delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation

Romana Kimende

Economic Planning and External Resource Mobilization

Lucas Mwove
Lucas Mwove

Public Health and Communinty Outreach

Thomas Kavivya
Thomas Kavivya

Housing and Urban Development

Jackson Muthini

Ag. Roads and Transport

Trade, Industrialization and Innovation

Emmanuel Kata

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)

CO Zuhura Rajab
Zuhura Khamisi

Social Welfare and Civic Empowerment

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