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I have today inspected the completed road works by my Government in Kyumbi and Athi River towns.
These works that have upgraded the towns are part of my urbanization program.
It’s unfortunate that the 2022 presidential debate is about personalities and no talk of development for the people; many promises are being made but no one is showing what they are doing with the current problems facing Kenyans.
When someone is sick and dying, you do not tell them that when you are elected, you will get them treated.
What are you currently doing as a leader to show that you are capable? If a sick patient has to wait for you, he or she will die waiting. Wananchi want development now and not after 2022.
Campaigning is looking for a job. Let us campaign with action not just promises.
Wananchi cannot wait for you. They want to see how many development goals you can score today.
Even those not in office, you have the connections to bring investors and create jobs or get your foundations to build hospitals or set up projects for water.
Mimi nataka kubadilisha Kenya. Vijana wapate Kazi, tujenge barabara, maji, tupunguze umasikini na tulete Maisha Bora.
Tuondoe Siasa za godfather na za mdomo. Wakenya wanataka siasa za Maendeleo.

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