• Functions

Economic Planning & Development

  • Preparation of CIDP, ADP, Sector Plans
  • Coordinate review of Annual and Mid Term review of the CIDP & ADP
  • Support County in preparation of Spatial Plans
  • Support County Budget in Public Participation
  • Contribute and participate in forums on formation of trading and or County Economic Blocks (SEKEB)
  • Provide technical support in formation of new projects and programmes

Policy Formulation

  • Provide leadership and technical support in development of county policies
  • 0rganise capacity building and training of staff in Policy formulation
  • Support departments in public participation of policies
    Projects’ planning

External Resources Mobilization

  • Coordinate writing of funding concepts and proposals
  • Capacity Building County staff on external resources mobilization
  • Coordinate mobilization of external resources
  • Provide information and database of Development Partners’ funding
  • Maintain liaison role on External Development Partnerships
  • Organize donor forums to sensitize and expose Partners/ stakeholders to investment and funding opportunities in the County
  • Maintain data base of the County Donors

County Statistics

  • Collection and analysis of County Statics
  • Preparation of County Fact Book
  • Custodian of County Statistics
  • Undertaking surveys as deemed necessary by the County

County Progress Reporting

  • Coordinate preparation of County Quarterly and Annual Progress reports
  • Ensure institutionalization of progress reporting culture in the Departments through formation of CIME Committees
  • Capacity building/training county staff on preparation of progress reports


Timely preparation of Economic Planning documents namely:

  • County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)
  • Annual Development Plans (ADP)
  • Annual Progress Reports (APR)
  • Trained over 400 officers on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Developed County Indicator handbook
  • Implementation of County Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (CIMES)
  • Organized the first County Development Partners Round Table

Contact Details of Key Personnel

Name: Romana Kimende
Designation: Chief Officer – Economic Planning and External Resource Mobilization
Mobile Phone: +254  728 414635
Email Address: rkimende@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: Stephen Mutua
Designation: Ag. Director Economic Planning
Mobile Phone: +254 722 157177
Email Address: smutua@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: Antony Mutunga 
Designation: Ag. Director Central Policy
Mobile Phone: +254 725 717737
Email Address: amutunga@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: David Ndiku
Designation: Ag. Director External Resources
Mobile Phone: +254 728 662758
Email Address: dndiku@machakosgovernment.co.ke

Name: Dennis Mutua
Designation: Senior Statistician
Mobile Phone: +254 726 120368
Email Address: dmutua@machakosgovernment.co.ke

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