To be a Center of excellence in financial management and economic planning for a national competitive County



Creating an enabling environment for accelerated and sustainable economic growth through pursuit of prudent economic and fiscal policies and coordination of the County  Government financial and economic operations.



Drawn from Article …. Of  the Constitution of Kenya 2010 operationalized by the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act 2012 and PFM regulations 2015.

We implement the PFM in the area of;

  • Revenue Management
  • Budget Management
  • Accounting Services
  • Audit Services
  • Procurement Management
  • Economic Planning
  • Resource Mobilization


Investment Opportunities

Financial Infrastructure
Within Machakos County the financial sector is well developed.
We have presence of branches of major international banks namely ( Standard Chartered Barclays) and indigenous banks namely ( National Bank, Equity, KCB. Co-op Bank and Family Bank). Major insurance companies are also present namely ( Britam and APA )

Tax Incentives/Tax Holiday
The Income Tax laws have given very attractive incentives to the investors. 

Investors outside Nairobi enjoy a 150% Investment Deduction Allowance in the 1st year of operation.This is a major boost to the investor as the investment is paid in full within the 1st year of operation.
Machakos therefore becomes very attractive because of its proximity to Nairobi.

Private Public Partnerships (PPPs)
In Machakos County we shall ensure transparent dealings with our Private Partners and enter into firm and enforceable agreements. 

Accounting/ Auditing Standards
We are committed to strict adherence to Internationally Accepted Standards of accounting of public funds.

We shall ensure up to date preparation of annual accounts and have them audited in timely manner.

We shall strictly observe the requirements of Public Finance Management Act and The Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005

In conjunction with the Ministry of Trade, we shall introduce efficient systems of issuance of trade licenses across the County without necessarily 
visiting the headquarters in Machakos Town.

We shall facilitate processing of immigration documents and approval of work permits within the county. 


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