1. Fill in triplicate Official Application Form and attach the following documents:
  2. Copy National identity card(ID), Military identity card or Passport card
  3. Copy of title deed
  4. Copy of KRA pin
  5. Submit in the Land Registry and ensure a copy of application form stamped is issued back to you.
  6. Normally, Official Search will take maximum of three (3) working days.
  7. When coming back to collect your Search, ensure you carry with you the stamped Application Form issued to you during the first day.
  8. Visit the office of the Chief Officer-Lands and Physical Planning


For booking of LCB consent, the transferor and the transferee attach the following documents:

  1. (3) –copies “application for consent of land control board”.
  2. Copy of Identity Card (ID) or Passport Card – For both transferor and transferee.
  3. KRA Pin- For both transferor and transferee.
  4. Passport photo: For both transferor and transferee.
  5. Copy of title deed.


When buying land, the buyer must do all the following:

  1. conduct an Official Search at Machakos Land Registry
  2. Consent-the buyer and the seller/owner must appear before the lands control board (LCB) in the respective sub county where the land/plot is located.

3. Consent is ready for collection in the respective Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) office after 14 days.

4. The buyer and the seller prepares via a lawyer, Land Transfer Form (Form LRA-33)

5. The Transferee pays Stamp Duty and presents the Transfer Document at Land registry for new Title processing and Registration


Transfer-for booking of Transfer at Land Registry, the transferor and transferee attach certified copies of the following documents:

i. 3-copy Transfer form (form LRA-33)

ii. Original title of the Transferor

iii. ID copy of Transferor and transferee

iv. KRA pin of Transferor and transferee

v. Passport and photo of both

vi. Valuation form (3 copies)

vii. Application for registration form (4-copies)


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