Roles and Functions

  • Housing Policy Management.
  • Control, planning and management of urban areas.
  • Management of County Civil servants housing scheme.
  • Development and management of Government Housing.
  • Building research services.
  • Shelter and slum upgrading.
  • Management of building and construction standards and codes.
  • County secretariat for human settlement in urban areas.
  • Liaison with national government on housing and urbanization matters.
  • Urban infrastructure provision for the Municipalities , towns and other market centers.
  • Implementation of the specific programs of urban employment and urban poverty alleviation.
  • Development of urban economic enablers.
  • Planning and coordination of urban transport systems with planning of walk and cycling paths.


  • The department has established 3 municipalities each with a charter
    • Machakos municipality
    • Mavoko municipality
    • Kangundo-Tala municipality
  • Each municipality has a municipal board
  • Each municipality has a manager
  • Each municipality has both technical and administrative staff
  • Municipality offices are in place
  • Under the support of the World Bank through Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) we have been able to undertake projects in the following areas:
    • Solid Waste management: by coming up with waste management policy.
    • We have  procured 400 large waste bins, 6 skip loaders and 2 compacting trucks
    • Storm Water drainage: constructed drainage  facilities in the 3 municipalities
    • Connectivity: installed Integrated Solar Street lighting System, build Non Motorized  Transport system (NMT), walkways, parking bays and connecting roads in the 3 municipalities
    • Fire and Disaster Management : construction of Fire station ongoing at Machakos Municipality

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