The Machakos County fund Account below is already opened at SBM bank Machakos and has been provided to our partners to deposit the funds:

Account Name :          MACHAKOS COUNTY COVID 19 ACCOUNT
Account Number :      0342381340001
Bank Name :               SBM
Branch :                      MACHAKOS

We greatly appreciate  our partners  for coming out in large numbers to respond to our call for donations. We appeal to more well wishers to contribute both in cash and kind to help those in our society who are adversely affected by the COVID -19 pandemic. We wish to acknowledge the generosity to the following organizations that have heeded our call to support during this COVID-19 Period.

KCB Group LimitedCheque of  KShs 1 Million
Broadway Bakery Ltd500 bales of wheat flour
Eastern Community Development Program70 Liters water tanks with stands  (20)
100 liters water tanks with stands (17)
World Vision100 liters water tanks (44)
5000 Liter water tank (1)
20 Litre water jericans (66)
20 Litres Pink soap hand cleaner (15)
20 Litres Hand sanitizers (2)
Knapsack sprayers (5)
Surgical face masks (1,000)
Rubber clean gloves (1,000)
Face Shield (2)
Goggles (2)
Protective coveralls (disposable) (2)
Disposable Gowns (2)
Hand sanitizer dispensers (6)
Waste bin liners (8)
Waste bins (Red) with pedal (2)
Gun thermometer (2)
Konza Technopolis2 Tents for the check posts (2)
Chairs (150)
Plan InternationalHand sanitizers (52)
Covid -19 Posters (100)
Kifaru Millers20 Bales of Maize flour
20 bales of Wheat flour
Orbit Chemicals20 litres Jerricans of bleach (45)
5 litres liquid soap   4 cartons x 4 pcs (16)
5 Litres Sanitizers    1  carton x 4  pcs (4)
Golden Africa Limited150 packs X 6 liters cooking oil
150 packs X 5 pieces of bar soap
150 packs X 10 pieces of omo of 25gms
37 Bales of maize flour
45 Boxes of pasta (20 pieces of 500gms)
Kwetu teachers SaccoFace Masks (1650)
Hand sanitisers (102)
Shelter AfriqueAssorted foodstuffs:
(6Kgs sugar, 4kgs beans, 3litres of oil, 1kg tea leaves, 5Kgs Rice, 2Kgs Salt, 4kgs ndengu, 4kgs maize flour) for 2000 families (2000 Pkts).
NB. This support is targeted at the slum near Everest estate
SBM Bank Machakos BranchKshs 1, 000,000 (One Million Kenya Shillings)
ICDCSanitizes worthy Kshs 1,000,000
Mombasa Cement25,000 Kgs (25tons) of maize flour
Kenya Secondary Heads Association(KESSHA)20 water tanks and 20 stands
1, 000 Face masks
Alpha Rama LimitedKshs 1, 000,000 (One Million Kenya Shillings)
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and Poa tanks Company100 water tanks
National GovernmentSurgical gloves (1,350 pairs)
KN95 Respirator Mask (420)
PPE Kit (20)
Theatre Boots (470)
Surgical Masks (2,000 pcs)
Medical Protective Clothing (40)
Face shields (70)
Goggles (20)
Latex Examination Gloves (500 pairs)
N95 Respirator Mask (105)
Surgical Gowns (30)
Safety Boxes pcs (50)
Gum boots pairs (3)
Spray pumps (1)
Coverall (25)
Head Covering hood (50)
Body bags (5)
Hand Sanitizers 500ml (1,224  OOP)
Hand sanitizer (1,680 OOG)
Hand sanitizer (3,360 KPC)
Hand sanitizer 100ml (960 OOP)
Plan InternationalN95 Mask (190)
World Vision (Mwala Sub County)9 pcs of 100 L Hand washing facilities complete with stand and waste water receptacles plus 100 Litres of soap for 2 Markets and 7 dispensaries
8 pcs Knapsack sprayers (for fumigation and disinfection surfaces) and 40 litres of Chlorine 5% (approved disinfectant) for 2 markets, 7 dispensaries and bus stops.
200 pcs of Sanitizers for health workers;
250 pcs of IEC Materials ( banners and posters);
Kenya Red Cross Machakos County BranchTOT Training to 55 staff, prison warders(Machakos and Matuu prisons),
Water treatment to county Prisons and children remand homes
Community sanzitization on Covid
Floods response – distribution of food to Matungulu North.
Jumbo Quality (Poa Tanks)100 (230L) tanks
Kapa Oil Refineries50 hand wash buckets
Shona Textiles500 face masks

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