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Attended the Council of Governors Land, Housing and Urban Development Committee chaired by H.E Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o.

Our discussions centered on various issues including:
1. The status of Spatial Planning in Counties.
2. The status of urbanization, urban governance and management.
3. The proposed Kenya Integrated Devolution and Urban Support Program.
4. Kenya Informal. Settlement Improvement Program II, and;
5. The role of Counties in Affordable Housing Programme.
In response to the global demand for avacado fruit, my government has commenced avacado tree seedling distribution to empower our farmers to transition from subsistence to modern profitable agriculture.

Machakos government targets to empower farmers to plant one million avacado fruit trees in the next five years.

During the recently concluded public participation forums, our people requested these trees because of their high market value and locals already possess vital skills for maintaining the trees and marketing their fruit.


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