Barabara Mashinani Program. Under our Barabara Mashinani program, we have made significant strides in repairing damaged roads and constructing new ones throughout Machakos County. Through the implementation of the Rapid Result Initiative (RRI), we have successfully completed over 1500 kilometers of road projects.
Currently, there are 52 ongoing projects that we are diligently working on, with the aim of completing them in a timely manner. These projects are focused on tarmacking roads that connect major towns, facilitating easy access and promoting trade within the county.
To further support our efforts, we have forged a valuable partnership with the National Government. Through this collaboration, we are able to access additional funding that will contribute to the successful execution of various projects across the county.
Our commitment to enhancing the infrastructure of Machakos County remains unwavering. We recognize the importance of well-maintained roads in promoting economic growth, improving connectivity, and enhancing the overall quality of life for our residents. Through the Barabara Mashinani program and our collaborative efforts, we are making substantial progress in building a more accessible and prosperous county.

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