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I have this morning assented to two bills; The Finance Bill of 2021 and the Machakos County Climate Bill, 2021 into the Finance Act of 2021 and the Machakos County Climate Change Act of 2021 respectively, in my Machakos Office.
The Finance Act of 2021 is a guide to the charges, levies and taxes by the County government for services rendered to wananchi as well as regulate taxes and levies expected from wananchi so that wananchi are aware and protected from rogue public servants who would want to capitalize on lack of information by the wananchi.
Most importantly, in light of the hard economic times, the mwananchi friendly Finance act of 2021 officially documents and cements all waivers and slashed levies that I initiated to cushion my people during this covid-19 period in 2021. I encourage all residents of Machakos to familiarize themselves with the current levies and taxes anchored on this Finance Act of 2021.
I am also pleased that Machakos County now has legislation that will guide the Community on best practices on climate change through the Machakos County Climate Act of 2021.
This law will guide the county’s climate mitigation measures by providing a framework and developing strategic programs to manage climate change. It will facilitate the effective management of climate change impacts by enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change.
The Climate Act will also enable the County government to attract funding from donors who consider climate change legislation a key consideration for funding. A big step for more growth and development of our County.
I am also proud of the continued good standing between the County Assembly leadership that was present during this ceremony and my County Executive that has seen us work well together for the benefit of the people of Machakos.
God bless Machakos. God bless Kenya.
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EGH
Governor of Machakos &
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party Leader.
April 14th, 2021

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