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At this time of hard economic times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that as Kenyans we all pull together to assist each other. We can’t expect all solutions to come from His Excellency the President. Each one of us need to have a humanitarian heart and do something withing our powers and ability to assist Kenyans.
To this end and to cushion my people of Machakos, I have engaged various business community players and today I announce the following measures that will make life more bearable during this period of hard economic times.
1. 100% waiver of interest and penalties of land rates for a period of 45 days, up to May 15th, 2021.
2. Monthly registration fees by public transport operators reduced by 50%.
3. No payment of taxes by Mama mbogas in all our markets.
4. No payment of any fees and charges by Boda Boda operators.
5. All fees for Tuk Tuks and Marutis suspended until June 30th, 2021.
6. Fire license fees in all small businesses suspended for this calendar year.
7. Land sub-division charges suspended for three months up to June 30th, 2021.
8. A reduction of 50% of the tariff paid by wholesalers and distributors domicile in Machakos County. This includes distribution permits and parking fees for the distribution vehicles.
9. 50% waiver of the single business permit for all private learning (schools) institutions for this calendar year.
10. With partnership with the popular MULLEY’S Supermarket, there will be a reduction on the prices of the selected commodities when purchased at Mulley’s Supermarket countrywide. For example, if you spend 3,000/= buying food related items at Mulley’s Supermarket you save 500/=. Some of the commodities whose prices have been slashed include foodstuffs such as unga, cooking oil, soaps, tissues, milk, bread etc. (please see attached discount list from Mulley’s Supermarket).
I congratulate Mulley’s Supermarket for your big and caring heart and for standing with our people at this time of hard times. You are foregoing profits and even eating into your operating costs at this time because you care more about people and lives than money. God bless you sana.
I urge other industry players to also forfeit a bit of their profits by lowering the prices of their goods so as to cushion Kenyans.
11. I call upon the petroleum industry to find a way of reducing the price of
paraffin, petrol and diesel at this time of hardship. Reduce your profits
for a little bit now.
12. As was done before, I urge His Excellency the President to intervene with
Kenya Power and Lighting Company so that they don’t not disconnect
power from Kenyans who are struggling to pay for power at this time.
13. A large number of Kenyans are finding I t difficult to pay rent. I urge
landlords to also reduce the amount of rent they charge for a certain
period of time. I also urge them to be a bit patient when a tenant delays
in the payment of rent, during this time of Covid-19 economic hardships.
This is our country and the solutions to our problems lie in our hands as leaders and Citizens. We have within us, the power to help each other and to lift each other up. Let our hearts be warm and caring. When we all do this, we will all rise as one and live blessed lives.
Politicians should not just be driven by greed, only planning for 2022. They should first exhibit a human heart and undertake measures to uplift our people who are facing hardships at this time of Covid-19 pandemic.
Thank you, God bless Machakos and God bless our amazing country Kenya.
Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EGH
Governor of Machakos and Party Leader of
Maendeleo Chap Chap Party.
March 29th, 2021.

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